"Life is Art...Straight from the Heart..."  ©

This is a selection of Poetry & prose
images from a work in progress,  

(approximately Seventy Pieces)

TBD "coffee-table book of poems and paintings"
(Each two page layout will include prose & Image)





Like slow motion previews...
With emotions as images,
The holidays occur long.

The dichotomy of sheer joy for the moment, Versus disappointments from the past,
Reap havoc on my heart.

Thwarted expectations act like kings from the past...

Fueled by the cacophony of mankind.

Knowing my own
While feeling that of all others,

In a sea of being,
I... am encouragement.

                                                  © Jack Nichols 1953-
                                                                American Painter & Poet







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Mozart's Miró  

Mozart and Miró leaving
All that is good,
All that they could,
Their movement effortlessly
Caresses our minds.
All notes, all strokes,
Without diminishment...
Genius without flaw.

What rapture...
What Godly qualities
Of pure love
For all to marvel.

God's hand...
Touching Us all...
Through Art.

                        © Jack Nichols 1953-
                                    American Painter & Poet








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Heart to Heart

In talking with the heart,
Through the eyes of Love
No limits exist...

There's an eternal optimism
Keeping you safe from uncertainty.

Where the beauty you've found
Comes from the Love you share.

You can hardly wait for each
New moment's surprises,
As they give life new meaning...

Experiencing Love at its newest,
Like, Andrea Bocelli at the highest notes.

Made complete through Loves glorious
Celebration of the human spirit,
God's care to us all.

A reminder of how precious
Life and Time and
Love Really Are

                            © Jack Nichols 1953-
                                           American Painter & Poet





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Committed to the now
There is a joy unspeakable.
We become taken in the moment
Of each others tenderness.

 Consumed with the other's passion
No words do it justice.

Just free fall
Go with it
The fantasy
The reality
The decadence...
Revel in your experience...

The moment

                        © Jack Nichols 1953-
                                     American Painter & Poet




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The Future

Thoughts of being that which has never been...

Creating to the future from that which hasn't existed,
A paradigm shift of perception.

May we never be quenched by mediocrity...
May our zeal exceed expectations.

May our hearts be filled with love and forgiveness.

May our dreams come true.

May life live as it is...

Precious, cherished, honored

For in honoring...

We are honored.

                                                  © Jack Nichols 1953-
                                                                American Painter & Poet







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Spring Memories

In a bouquet filled landscape, where spring is everywhere...Life revels in an awakening of each new moment,
My favorite time for light showing off.

Every spring reminding me of fragrances calling out To memories past.

Where some can't stand to remember...I can't stand to forget.

Images compiling a life-file,
that without,
would seem empty and

The beauty of these memories consists only of what is good,

Cherishing each moment unique,
In a grandeur filled world,
Where Spring...
Is natures ultimate.

                                 © Jack Nichols1953-
                                                   American Painter & Poet







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Love You From The Heart

Love thoughts from the heart...
Passionate words of love,
To a heart of gold.

Words and meanings
Evenly laid...
With tender moments rising,
Each more sweet
Than the one before.

Oh love,
How pleasing you are
To my every thought,
With an unspoken now...
You draw near.

As a joy
Only the imagination
Can fathom.
Shattering all reservation...
All hesitation.
Your voice,
A wind song to my heart leaps...
As I
Am consumed
With your beauty.

                                                         © Jack Nichols1953-
                                                                           American Painter & Poet







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